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hypester media was born out of a passion to help businesses and brands gain the exposure they need with the audience they want to engage. we love what we do and find our energy in the success of our clients.

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Brand Social Media Management

Social Media accomplishes so many objectives and goals with very little cost. It is both proactive and reactive and can be executed on a moments notice. Your brand, your company needs a dedicated strategy and experienced execution to meet those goals. Ideas are worthless with out execution. We work hard to make those ideas become reality through multiple social media channels.

Celebrity Personal Brand Management

Being a celebrity isn't always red carpets and premiers. Often your schedule is slammed with back-to-back meetings, casting calls and appearances, leaving little time to manage your personal brand. We will help you identify your target audience, create a voice on the social media scene, build a fanbase and engage those fans to build your brand equity.

Brand Strategy

Understanding your brand isn't as easy as many may think. Having this understanding will enable you to create powerful strategies that can influence all areas of your business. Whether it's diving into the "Who" and understanding the "Why", we will help you create a brand strategy that will give you the advantage you need to succeed.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing is much more than just an advertising strategy. Understanding the landscape of your market, knowing who your target audience is through qualitative and quantitative research and realizing your brand's influence and potential is essential to crafting a marketing strategy that is destined for success.  Do you have a marketing plan and want to know how it could be improved? Do you not even have a marketing plan and want to start somewhere but you don't have a clue where? Regardless where you are at in the process, we can help.


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